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Costa Rica Volunteering


My family had a great adventure this summer whereby we traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica. Our volunteer project was helping to renovate a school for young, local impoverished children.

While in Costa Rica we lived with a local family just outside of San Jose and used public transit to get to our work project daily.

Home away from home

My husband, daughters and I helped to make this school a little nicer than we found it.

While the work seemed like a small contribution, it was fun to do as a family.


Dr. Marianna’s handiwork

My husband and oldest daughter, Natasha, dry walled (taped and mudded) and then painted a new wall, while my youngest, Vanessa, and I decorated the walls with various motifs.



Vanessa’s Creativity

Vanessa loved this project as she was able to let her creative side shine.

Our girls learned new skills; we honed our Spanish and experienced a simpler, less hurried life. While the accommodations were basic, we were fed well and treated kindly.

Natasha’s artistry

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) organized the homestay and volunteer project along with the local Costa Rican volunteer company Maximo Nivel.

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