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  • I’m 44 years old and have noticed that my interest in sex has really diminished. I feel tired and my partner is not happy with my lack of desire. What can I do?

    Many factors affect our libido. Physical and emotional factors contribute to our sexual well-being. You must consider whether your physical health is optimal. Are you getting enough good nutrition, enough quality sleep? Are you on medications? Have you had a complete physical examination?

    You must also look closely at your emotional health. Do you feel at ease in your relationship? Do you freely communicate your needs with your partner? Are you living with undue stress?

    If all is well in these other departments, I would suggest that you have your hormone levels checked to make sure that your testosterone levels are normal. Both men and women need testosterone to have a healthy sex drive. As we age this hormone wanes and it can impair our sexual feelings, desires and responses.

    A healthy sexual relationship with our partners is crucial to a long and happy life together.

  • I have unsightly veins on my legs and I am embarrassed to show my legs in the summer. What can be done for them?

    There are a few options for leg veins depending on the severity of the problem. If the veins are varicose (big and ropey), Sclerotherapy or injections can be of benefit. This procedure is done in the doctor’s office and is rather painless. It is advisable to wear compression stockings after the treatment to get the most out of the session. Repeat sessions may be required to get the desired results. Because common side effects can include bruising and some discolouration, it is best to start the treatments during the winter months. Spiders or small veins can also be injected and at times lasered. While compression stockings are not mandatory to wear, they will help make the treatment more effective. The legs will look slightly worse before the veins disappear. Unfortunately leg veins are something that can be managed but never truly eradicated. Our body can grow new blood vessels in new places. Prevention and maintenance treatments can keep legs looking and feeling good. For more information about the treatment of leg veins visit us at or call us for more information.

  • What sets your centre apart from other salons or spas?

    At Monarch we offer services that encompass both medical aesthetics that help you look good and wellness services that make you feel good. Firstly, we offer a place that from the time you walk through the door, you will begin to feel relaxed and welcome. We aim to educate our clients about the services with a free consultation with a medical doctor. You are never rushed, intimidated or sold anything not appropriate to your needs. The aim of the consultation is to help identify your needs, priorities and to come up with a plan to achieve them. Your physical and mental well-being is important to us. We offer services such as, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine . We strive to offer state of the art aesthetic procedures that will compliment and enhance our clients’ natural beauty. Our skin care products are exclusive to the cosmetic physician’s office and individually tailored to your skin type. We continue to add services as we learn the needs of our valued clients. For a full listing of our services visit us at or come in and talk to us. We are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturdays 9 to 3pm. We look forward to meeting you.

  • I am 45 years old and have an old faded tattoo. I have kept it covered because I’m embarrassed about it. What is the best way to remove it?

    There are many ways that tattoos have been removed over the years. Some have been surgically cut out, some chemically removed and others cauterized or burned off. Unfortunately these methods can leave the tattoo either partially removed or can scar the skin. The most advanced way to remove tattoos is by Q-switched laser. This technology allows the tattoo’s ink to be targeted while leaving the skin intact. With the use of topical anesthetics, the procedure is mildly painful but extremely tolerable. Some colors are easier to remove than others. The black and red inks are easiest to remove while the light greens and yellows are more difficult. Tattoos with white ink in them cannot be removed until it fades (5 to 10 years). Professionally applied tattoos require multiple sessions to achieve complete removal (6 to 12). Whereas, older or “home made” tattoos are generally the easiest to remove because the pigment is not as deep (1 to 3 sessions). Treatments are generally performed 6 to 8 weeks apart to give the skin time to heal. Treatments are affordable and price varies according to the size. If you are interested in the treatment or have further questions, call or email us for your free, no-obligation consultation.

  • I am turning 50 soon and I would like to look more refreshed and youthful. I don’t want to look like I’ve had anything drastic done. I’ve seen many overdone faces and that scares me. What is available and who does your treatments?

    There are many treatment options available. Unfortunately, we see many overdone celebrities or faces that are extremely made over in the media. Most people I see wish to look natural but fresher. Botox is hugely popular for this reason. There is no downtime and it offers a look that is natural. It helps to give eyebrows a lift, makes eyes look less sleepy and foreheads less furrowed. As we age, we lose plumpness in our faces especially in the cheeks, lips and chin areas. In order to look more youthful, enhancement fillers are an affordable way to revolumize our face. There is minimal pain and downtime is less than a week. IPL laser treatments can help to remove age spots from the face and backs of hands. In order to get an idea of these anti-aging procedures visit or www. or come in for a free no obligation consultation. All of our Botox, enhancement filler and IPL treatments are performed by Dr. Marianna Switchuk.

  • What are the options to treat acne?

    Of course, the treatment is dependent on severity.

    For mild acne, a good skin cleanser may be the only thing needed. For moderate acne, some kind of topical antibacterial cream, whether it is vitamin A or an antibiotic, may be added as well.

    For more severe acne which involves cysts, an oral medication may be needed in addition to the above regimen. Some recent treatments available include laser treatments and electromyopulse therapy, which speeds up the healing. These higher “tech” options compliment the tried and true cleansers, creams and antibiotics.

    Having blemishes is something that one does not need to suffer through when excellent treatments are readily available, effective and affordable.

  • I am interested in getting laser hair removal. Why are there such price differences between different locations?

    There are many, many types of lasers available when one is offering these services. Not every laser has the same capability. Some are more effective than others. Not all lasers will remove the hair permanently and much, if not all, of the hair will grow back over time.

    Unfortunately for the consumer this is not easy to determine. When one is considering where to get the procedure done, it is important to know something about the business offering the service, the type of laser being used, and about the training of the technician doing the service.

    Price should not be the only deciding factor when choosing laser hair removal treatment. Because results vary widely you may end up paying more in the long run from a place that initially seemed like such a bargain.

  • I have varicose veins which cause my legs to ache and swell after a long day of being on my feet. What can I do about them?

    You have several options to reduce the pain and swelling in your legs. First of all wear good comfortable shoes and try to vary your position often. Second, wear compression stockings which can be prescribed by your physician or recommended by your pharmacist. Third, when sitting, elevate your legs to help the blood flow back up toward the heart. Other options include massage therapy to help improve your circulation, weight reduction if you are overweight especially around the abdomen or sclerotherapy.

    Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure whereby a medication is injected into the affected veins. If done properly this can result in marked reduction of bulging veins and an improvement in aching legs. In order to see if you are a candidate for sclerotherapy either consult your physician or call me for your no-obligation consultation.

  • I have suffered from “tennis elbow” (tendonitis) for years. I have tried antiinflammatories, physiotherapy, and have even had a cortisone injection. Nothing has helped. Is there anything else I can do?

    Yes there is! The Electro-Myopulse machine has been around for decades and works well for such a problem. It is a painless treatment that lasts approximately 15 minutes. This machine uses micro-energies that are transmitted through the skin to injured tissues by probes. The healing is done by your body once given the proper amount of energy. The Electro-Myopulse works akin to acupuncture but without the needles. Most clients experience improvement after only one treatment but may require more if the condition is severe. Other conditions that this machine can help with include: any type of sprain, arthritis, joint pain, skin problems (like acne, ulcers, scars), sinus problems and headaches.

  • I sweat so much that I have to change my top many times a day. I can’t wear certain clothes because the sweat stains show. I’m embarrassed and don’t know what else I can do?

    Yes. Botox has been shown to effectively curtail or stop excessive sweating in areas such as underarms, palms and soles. The results may vary person to person but generally you can expect to get anywhere from 50 to100% improvement for up to 1 year. While the procedure is uncomfortable when treating the palms and soles, the underarms is well tolerated. Many insurers may cover the cost of the Botox for those who qualify. To find an injector in your area check

  • What is the difference between Botox® and Fillers?

    In a nutshell, Botox® can be thought of as a wrinkle preventer; whereas, filler helps to erase existing lines and give volume back. Of course, they can be used together and often they help correct different cosmetic concerns. Botox® is often used to eliminate frown lines between the eyes, soften crow’s feet and forehead lines, and can give the eyelids/brows a slight lift. By using Botox® in our thirties and early forties, lines do not have the opportunity to become etched in and permanent. This does not mean it will not help soften lines for those in their forties and on. On the other hand, filler (Restylane®, Juvederm®) is a natural substance that is injected just below the skin to give volume. When lines become furrows, some filler may be added. For those that wish to have fuller lips, this is the product to give you that enhanced look. If the corners of your mouth have become down turned, or cheeks are drawn in, filler will help to restore these areas to look more youthful. Newer products are now available to help sculpt noses, chins and jaw lines. Fillers are safe and well tolerated. Most are non-permanent and will slowly disappear by breaking down over time. There are some that can last for many months to many years. Depending on the area treated and the look desired, there is a filler to suit your needs. Both Botox® and filler have little to no down time, are virtually painless and much less expensive than plastic surgery. To find a qualified injector in your area check or call us for a free no-obligation consultation.

  • I have been thinking about getting some Botox® for my wrinkles but have heard many things about it. Is it safe?

    Yes! Botox® has been around for at least 20 years and used to treat many conditions. In fact, it is used in children as young as 2 years old to treat muscle spasms. Botox® is an FDA and Canada’s Health Protection Branch approved prescription drug.

    It is a purified protein which is extracted from natural bacteria and processed under strict pharmaceutical manufacturing guidelines. Similar to how penicillin once came from mold.

    When used for cosmetic purposes, you receive minute amounts of the Botox® into specific muscles which help to soften unwanted lines and furrows.

    As long as it is injected by a properly trained injector, you should have no unwanted side effects and be left with a refreshed, younger look.

  • I had acne as a teen and now have scars on my face. Is there anything that I can do to help even out my skin’s texture?

    Yes! There a several options for you. Procedures vary considerably with respect to their down time. I will address those with little to no downtime and do not require surgery.

    An effective treatment is chemical peels. Depending on the strength of the acid applied to the skin determines the depth of peeling. Some peels are mild to moderate and have minimal pain and about a week’s down time. Whereas the stronger peels are more uncomfortable with more downtime. Multiple treatments are likely to be needed to achieve desired results.

    For more information about these treatments, call or email us for a free no obligation consultation.

  • When I look in the mirror, I see a tired looking face reflected back. Is there anything I can do to help myself look more vibrant, less tired and a little more youthful without going under the knife or spending thousands of dollars?

    Yes there are many things that can help. Over the last decade many advances have been made in the skin rejuvenation industry. Intensed pulsed light photofacials (laser) can help smooth out skin texture and tone. This procedure has little down time and can reduce pigmented spots and blotchy skin.

    Injectables such as Botox and enhancement fillers, like Restylane, offer another easy solution to help reduce unwanted fine lines, furrows and restore volume where you may need it. In combination, these injectables help to give you a “mini face lift” without the expense, risks or downtime.

    There are many great skin care products which help our skin to repair itself and promote a more youthful glow. Choosing the right one for your skin type is crucial. This decision can be challenging, so consulting with someone who knows skin can help to give you the results you desire.

  • I heard acupuncture can help with certain medical ailments. How does it work and what kind of conditions does it help with?

    Acupuncture has been practiced for over five thousand years. It is practiced by over 25% of the world’s population being used daily in China, Korea, Japan and most Asian countries. It is slowly becoming more popular and embraced by the western world.

    Since our bodies have an energy field of its own, when the proper balance or flow is disrupted, disease can take hold. Acupuncture seeks to reinstate the proper flow and energy balance to afflicted areas of the body and thereby assist the body to heal itself by natural means. There are no side effects and results are quickly achieved.

    Ailments such as aches, pains, acne, allergies, eczema, hormone imbalances, menopause, migraines, PMS, psoriasis, respiratory problems, smoking cessation, and warts are just a few that have been successfully treated with acupuncture.

    In order to get the most out of acupuncture a certified practitioner should perform all treatments. There are hundreds of acupuncture points and extensive training is required to achieve maximum results. Treatments are relatively painless and for those that are needle-phobic, needleless acupuncture is also offered.

  • I wear a 60 SPF sunscreen on my face and I still get brown. Is there something else I should be doing?

    Not all sunscreens are created equal. There are a lot of things to know about them. For example, an SPF of 60 does not give you double the protection compared with an SPF 30. In fact, it only gives an extra 6 minutes or so of protection. Reapplication every couple of hours is key, regardless of the “water proofness” of the sunscreen. Also some will cover UVA/ UVB but not necessarily both or the complete spectrum. There are 2 ways that sunscreen can filter the rays: one way is by providing a “chemical shield” and the other is by providing a “physical shield”. Such ingredients as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide a physical shield which ultimately is a healthier way to protect the skin. To learn more about sunscreen and other ways to protect your skin, call for a free consultation.

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