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I’m 44 years old and have noticed that my interest in sex has really diminished. I feel tired and my partner is not happy with my lack of desire. What can I do?

Many factors affect our libido. Physical and emotional factors contribute to our sexual well-being. You must consider whether your physical health is optimal. Are you getting enough good nutrition, enough quality sleep? Are you on medications? Have you had a complete physical examination?

You must also look closely at your emotional health. Do you feel at ease in your relationship? Do you freely communicate your needs with your partner? Are you living with undue stress?

If all is well in these other departments, I would suggest that you have your hormone levels checked to make sure that your testosterone levels are normal. Both men and women need testosterone to have a healthy sex drive. As we age this hormone wanes and it can impair our sexual feelings, desires and responses.

A healthy sexual relationship with our partners is crucial to a long and happy life together.

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