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I wear a 60 SPF sunscreen on my face and I still get brown. Is there something else I should be doing?

Not all sunscreens are created equal. There are a lot of things to know about them. For example, an SPF of 60 does not give you double the protection compared with an SPF 30. In fact, it only gives an extra 6 minutes or so of protection. Reapplication every couple of hours is key, regardless of the “water proofness” of the sunscreen. Also some will cover UVA/ UVB but not necessarily both or the complete spectrum. There are 2 ways that sunscreen can filter the rays: one way is by providing a “chemical shield” and the other is by providing a “physical shield”. Such ingredients as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide a physical shield which ultimately is a healthier way to protect the skin. To learn more about sunscreen and other ways to protect your skin, call for a free consultation.

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