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I have suffered from “tennis elbow” (tendonitis) for years. I have tried antiinflammatories, physiotherapy, and have even had a cortisone injection. Nothing has helped. Is there anything else I can do?

Yes there is! The Electro-Myopulse machine has been around for decades and works well for such a problem. It is a painless treatment that lasts approximately 15 minutes. This machine uses micro-energies that are transmitted through the skin to injured tissues by probes. The healing is done by your body once given the proper amount of energy. The Electro-Myopulse works akin to acupuncture but without the needles. Most clients experience improvement after only one treatment but may require more if the condition is severe. Other conditions that this machine can help with include: any type of sprain, arthritis, joint pain, skin problems (like acne, ulcers, scars), sinus problems and headaches.

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