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I am turning 50 soon and I would like to look more refreshed and youthful. I don’t want to look like I’ve had anything drastic done. I’ve seen many overdone faces and that scares me. What is available and who does your treatments?

There are many treatment options available. Unfortunately, we see many overdone celebrities or faces that are extremely made over in the media. Most people I see wish to look natural but fresher. Botox is hugely popular for this reason. There is no downtime and it offers a look that is natural. It helps to give eyebrows a lift, makes eyes look less sleepy and foreheads less furrowed. As we age, we lose plumpness in our faces especially in the cheeks, lips and chin areas. In order to look more youthful, enhancement fillers are an affordable way to revolumize our face. There is minimal pain and downtime is less than a week. IPL laser treatments can help to remove age spots from the face and backs of hands. In order to get an idea of these anti-aging procedures visit or www. or come in for a free no obligation consultation. All of our Botox, enhancement filler and IPL treatments are performed by Dr. Marianna Switchuk.

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