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Got Crazy Hormones?

Are You Losing Your Mind or Just Your Hormones?

As a 51-year-old menopausal woman, I can relate to the many bodily changes that happen as we lose our hormones.

How? Like hot flashing in the middle of an ice storm, needing to sleep with windows open as our bed partners wear fleece and down; feeling moody when everyone around us is cheerful and joyful; not being able to sleep and constantly waking up every 2 hours; feeling exhausted and down; feeling overwhelmed with what used to be easy to handle; and not feeling loving and receptive to our significant other. Sound familiar?

dr marianna_opt
  — Dr. Marianna and Lara —

While most women will experience these symptoms during the “change of life”, suffering through them is optional.

I have chosen not to suffer and live life feeling better, happier and joyful.

Over the last several years, a huge number of female clients agree that using some sort of individualized hormone replacement therapy is the way to achieve a happier and productive life.

Natural remedies, medicinal remedies, diet changes and lifestyle changes are all part of the answer. We are here to help you make the right choice for you.

Over the years, we have also helped many men rediscover their energy, stamina and libido with hormone therapy.

Hope you will choose to feel better this Holiday Season. Give us a call to book your consultation with either Naturopathic Doctor, Lara Armstrong, or myself.

To learn more about Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy at Monarch, click on this link and read our FAQ on the therapy.

~ Dr. Marianna

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