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Botox® Facts


Did you know …

Did you know that Botox® is the Original?

Botox® is a brand name drug made by company Allergan®. It is the original brand and has been around for decades. There are now a few other “Botox-like” drugs on the market called Dysport®and Xeomin®.

Essentially they are the same with small differences and different dosing required to get the same effect. They are pretty much last the same duration and have the same effect in spite of what they say.

monarchmariannaDr. Marianna Switchuk
Let me introduce myself for all who haven’t yet met me.

I’m Dr. Marianna and I was trained in 2003 on using and dosing Botox®. I choose to use it over the others for the simple fact that it works, and I know how it reacts.

The best part is that it comes from a very reputable company.

Botox® is Diluted by the Injector

Botox-Box-and-LogoInquiring minds should know …

Botox® and the other brands come delivered in a “freeze dried” form. They have to be reconstituted with sterile normal saline (diluted with salt water) to get the concentration needed to be effective. This is done by the injector. So “one Unit” at one clinic may be slightly different than “one Unit” at another clinic.

Botox® is a Licensed Drug

Botox is a licensed drug and requires a physician to “prescribe it”. So when you get injected, the understanding is that a doctor will see you first and then advise how much should be used, etc. Under the current rules that govern professionals, nurses cannot prescribe Botox or the other drugs.

Common Questions

Isn’t Botox a poison and will make you ill?
Botox® is a purified toxin which paralyzing muscles. If you ingest the bacteria orally you can get sick with Botulism or food poisoning. When you get Botox® it is injected in select muscle groups to paralyze their movements. For examples, crow’s feet or frown lines between the eyes.

Won’t I look worse, if I don’t continue on using it?
In fact, the opposite is true. Once you have been using Botox® for a while, you in fact, can require less. The muscles that have been injected get weaker and eventually require less Botox®.

In summary…

So there you have it – the scoop on Botox®. It’s nothing to be afraid of and could possibly help you look and feel better about yourself. After all – who says we need to age gracefully? Why not do everything you can to stave off the ravages of time?

For a free consultation and to find out if you are a candidate for Botox®, just call our office at 905-388-2400.

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